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Upcoming Sims 3 Downloads

Man, this community has been dead quiet for a while. My bad!

Anywho, just a small preview of some things to come for those who play Sims3. They're both still in the works with minor issues, but I feel confident I'll sort it out.

Conversions of Imaginary. The only thing holding me back is an issue with CTU refusing to save the background color of the leopard print. I am however considering doing a version without the thermal underneath.

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Happy Birthday, UYS!

It's that time again; Under Your skin is celebrating eight years in the community with yet another bag of goodies. This year we have also opened up the forum for our visitors and fellow sim players to contribute and celebrate with us, if they want to give back to the site.

We hope to see you there! Stay tuned for more goodies throughout the rest of the month.


Project #2: Fixing Morph Replacements

It's impossible for me to finish a project before starting another, if you haven't noticed already. This time it's not because I got bored. I just feel that second is a little more important than the first at the moment.

Doing the GOS SS project made me realize there are better ways to do the morphs. I feel kind of stupid for realizing it so late but this is why I have a Kayleigh <3 So, I am about to go back and fix all the darn morphs. Suddenly I'm glad I never managed to do a shit ton =P

A list to remind myself what I've got to do:

[+] Bootcut Maternity.
[+] Nekkid Boots.
[+] Cuffed Pants w/ Maxis & Sexy Feet.
[+] "Skinny" Jeans & Chucks.
[+] Add morphs to Minis w/ Shatarja's Boots.

Also, Lillany's gift for midnightmurderess made me want the dresses as maternity wear. Once I realized it was on a Gelydh mesh I went ahead and added the morph. When I've done a couple recolors I'll post them up on the site.

Outerwear Preview

An actual preview this time! It's just one one mesh and one texture, though I have finished all three of the bootcut meshes for teens.

This project is now considered part of my GOS Secret Santa gift because it fits the description of what she wanted. She will be encouraged to share and I suspect she will as she has in the past ;)

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Outerwear Outfit

This isn't a preview of any kind. In fact, I just want to ask your opinions on something because I feel like I could be forgetting about some meshes.

I was looking for top textures to throw on underneath the AL party dress with wedges, and while flipping through the teen section I ran into this gross outfit that I had forgotten all about. I decided the top half had potential to be a cute top. Kayleigh thought it would also make good outerwear tacked on to something as a fullbody mesh.

Okay, so here are the meshes I'm thinking for bottoms: Kayleigh's bootcuts & chucks, Aikea's bootcuts & jeans, and Geldyh's bootcuts & sneakers. Maybe the bottom half of Gelydh's nekkid boots or Shatarja's boots. Ghanima's skinnies & converse? Any one have any suggestions?